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Two Covers, One Month

On 30, Jan 2015 | No Comments | In Event, Non-Fiction Book | By admin

Covers for two of Damon’s books were released in January. The first was the cover for
 “The Brown Agenda,” Damon’s collaboration with Richard Fuller, Founder and President of Blacksmith Institute/Pure Earth, the NGO that’s doing such incredible work fighting jaw-dropping instances of pollution all over the world. The book features a foreword by Bryan Walsh, senior environment editor for TIME Magazine, and the cover looks like this:


The second cover is for the German edition ofThe Actor’s Art & Craft,” Damon’s first collaboration with Bill Esper. The book features the original foreword by David Mamet, plus a specific foreword for German readers. That cover looks like this:


Evidently, vast differences exist between the German and American-Meisner-based concepts of acting. For instance, as the foreword to the German edition points out, Germans often use a word that translates as “pretend-playing” where, in English, we use the word acting.

This is “a huge difference,” writes the German translator, André Bolouri. “The German word

fools you into thinking everything is just pretended/show where in English – especially in the Meisner-technique  – the actor is doing! It is all about the reality of doing under imaginary circumstances. Truthful behavior and emotions happen when you are really involved in doing. No need to ‘pretend’ anymore then.”

Huh. Who knew?

The German edition of “The Actor’s Art & Craftshould be available sometimes in summer 2015. 






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