Second book with Bill Esper handed in to Random House

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Damon’s second book with Bill Esper, a sequel to The Actor’s Art & Craft has been handed to Damon and Bill’s editor at Random House.

Tentatively titled The Actor’s Guide to Creating a Character, the book picks up where The Actor’s Art & Craft left off, and follows the same class of actors through their second year of work at the William Esper Studio.

The second year work applies the core principles students learned in their first year to the challenges of character acting. How does the actor truthfully play a character whose temperament and persona are polar opposites of his own? How can these techniques be applied to the classical canon, and some of the greatest roles ever written? How does the actor adapt everything he or she has learned for work in film and television?

The Actor’s Guide to Creating a Character tackles these and other questions. The book will likely debut in Spring 2014.