The Actor’s Art & Craft published in Italian

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The Actor’s Art & Craft will be published by Dino Audino Editore as Lezioni di recitazione. Il racconto quotidiano della formazione con la tecnica Meisner. Dino Audino Editore specializes in titles pertaining to the performing arts, cinema, theater, television, and other … Continued

Unearthed footage: “Shock & Awe” scene wins Manhattan Monologue Slam (January 2010)

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Why post something that happened three years ago?

In the first place, we never saw this before.

In the second place, actor Garrett Hendricks helped develop “Shock & Awe.” He’s a friend and an excellent artist, and you’ll like what he does with this role.

Thirdly, and most important by far: the problems faced by U.S. veterans returning from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to weigh heavily on the American spirit.

And what’s being done about it? Not nearly enough.

“Quotable Actor” earns great Bloomsbury Review

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And here it is, from the Bloomsbury’s April edition: “From Peter O’Toole (“Acting is just a matter of farting about in disguises”) to Rod Steiger (“Artists are the only true aristocrats”), there are as many points of view on acting, … Continued

My play “Shock & Awe” helps win the January 2010 Manhattan Monologue Slam

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Congratulations to my friend Garrett Hendricks for winning the January 2010 Manhattan Monologue Slam using a piece from my play Shock & Awe (for more information on Shock & Awe, please see the Plays tab). You can catch a video of Garrett’s winning … Continued

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