Unearthed footage: “Shock & Awe” scene wins Manhattan Monologue Slam (January 2010)

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Why post something that happened three years ago?

In the first place, we never saw this before.

In the second place, actor Garrett Hendricks helped develop “Shock & Awe.” He’s a friend and an excellent artist, and you’ll like what he does with this role.

Thirdly, and most important by far: the problems faced by U.S. veterans returning from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to weigh heavily on the American spirit.

And what’s being done about it? Not nearly enough.

Radio schedule finalized for 9/9/11

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Damon and a guest who survived the destruction of the North Tower at the World Trade Center will join Premiere Radio Networks for a national radio tour scheduled for Friday morning, 9/9/11. Time slots are as follows:

Copy of “Heart of War” requested for library aboard USS New York

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Talk about a great honor. I was recently contacted again by John Churcher from Massachusetts. You may recall that John’s been who’s working to build a library for the newly commissioned USS New York. The library John’s putting together started out with … Continued

“Heart of War” wins excellent review from Europe’s cultural news site.

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Artist Emily Prince  has a show going on at London’s Saatchi Gallery called  American Servicemen and Women Who Have Died in Iraq and Afghanistan (But Not Including the Wounded, Nor the Iraqis nor the Afghanis) The idea for the show … Continued