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By admin

Talking with TJ Stone on “3 People Like This – The Interviews”

On 20, Nov 2017 | In Event, Interview | By admin

Can radio shows could breed?
If they could, what would the love child of The Howard Stern Show and NPR’s “All Things Considered” sound like?
The answer: me talking with host TJ Stone and friends on “3 People Like This – The Interviews,” a top rated podcast on iTunes.

 Customer Reviews of “3 People Like This – The Interviews

“TJ’s style”
by Podcast Addict22
Tj is a natural. good interviewer. I’m interested to see where he takes the show.

by TheoSands

T.J. is a gifted and talented guy, this show will easily be one of the best podcasts in time to come. Truly looking forward to hearing more.


by Broadway Bouncer

TJ STONE is actually a funny and gifted interviewer. His silliness and natural curiosity comes through in his interview, and his guests seem to leave quite happy.



Download the Interview Here:

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“The Brown Agenda,” Now Available as Audiobook on

On 13, Nov 2017 | In Book/Audio-book Release, Event | By admin

Are you looking for a good listen?
Ready to hear the amazing story of one man’s successful attempt to save millions of innocent lives worldwide from the ravages of pollution run amok?

The Brown Agenda is the story of an important humanitarian cause revealed in clear and concise prose that is at once deeply necessary and deeply satisfying.”—David Biello, Editor, Environment & Energy, Scientific American

Download The Brown Agenda: My Mission to Clean Up the World’s Most Life Threatening Pollution, by Richard Fuller (with Damon DiMarco). Now available as an audiobook through
Free sample recording available.

“Rich Fuller’s passion and commitment towards educating people on the under-reported issue of environmental pollution, as well as finding innovative solutions to solve the problems, has helped save the lives of thousands of adults and children around the world.”—Dev Patel, Award-winning actor, Slumdog Millionaire


“Turning ‘brown’ into ‘green’ has become a necessary journey for all of us as resource pressures are compounded by the ultimate threat intensifier—climate change. This story, a life’s work, shows the difference we can make if we all make it our business.”—Rachel Kyte, Vice President, World Bank


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Twitter: @yesiactandwrite
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In Event

By admin

Sentences 9: A Conference on Writing Prose

On 22, Feb 2017 | No Comments | In Event | By admin

Courtesy of Drew University’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies (CSGS), Damon will serve on the faculty of Sentences 9: A Conference on Writing Prose, July 31 – August 4, 2017.

Sentences 9 is open to all CSGS students, alums, friends, and other post-Baccalaureate writers. The conference fee of $350 covers morning talks, afternoon craft workshops, manuscript consults, and readings by faculty and participants, as well as lunch for each of the five working days and a final reception on Friday, August 4.

This year’s Sentences faculty line up offers an impressive roster of writers representing all disciplines:

Kathryn Grant won the 2011 citation from the American Theater Critics Association for best American play produced outside of New York City.  The play, The Good Counselor, was a revised version of the play she submitted as her creative dissertation at Drew University.  She has also received the Premiere Stages Festival Award, the Jerry Kaufman Award in Playwriting and the Berilla Kerr Award. Handicapped People in Their Formal Attire, adapted from a story she wrote in Robert Ready’s fiction class was produced at the Actors Studio and Premiere Stages. Other plays have been presented at the John Houseman Studio Theater, Ensemble Studio Theater and Provincetown Repertory. She is published by Samuel French and Applause Books. She teaches improvisation, writing for performance and acting at St. Francis College in Brooklyn and Broadway Teachers Workshop.

William Giraldi is author of the novels Busy Monsters and Hold the Dark, and the memoir The Hero’s Body. He is a contributing editor at The New Republic and fiction editor for the journal AGNI at Boston University.

Damon DiMarco’s books include Tower Stories: An Oral History of 9/11, Heart of War: Soldiers’ Voices from the Front Lines of IraqThe Actor’s Art and Craft, and The Actor’s Guide to Creating a Character (with William Esper), and My Two Chinas: the Memoir of Chinese Counterrevolutionary (with Baiqaio Tang). In 2012, Damon founded the Writing for Public Intellectuals Workshop for the PhD students in History & Culture at Drew University’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies. A union actor, he has also written plays, screenplays, and television pilots. For more information, visit

A former foreign service officer, Mark Jacobs has published 117 stories in magazines including The Atlantic, Playboy, The Idaho Review, and The Baffler. He has stories forthcoming in several magazines including The Hudson Review. His story “How Birds Communicate” won The Iowa Review fiction prize. His five books include A Handful of Kings, published by Simon and Shuster, and Stone Cowboy, by Soho Press, which won the Maria Thomas Award. A full list of his publications can be found at

Dale Peck’s twelfth book, Visions and Revisions: Coming of Age in the Age of AIDS, was named one of the best books of 2015 by Flavorwire. His fiction, criticism, and memoir have appeared in more than fifty publications and earned him several awards, including two O. Henrys, a Pushcart, a Lambda Literary Award, and a Guggenheim Fellowship. He is a member of PEN and the National Book Critics Circle, and an associate professor in the Graduate Writing Program of the New School. In 2015 he was named editor-in-chief of the legendary Evergreen Review.


Two Spanish Translations for “Actor’s Art and Craft”

On 09, Dec 2016 | No Comments | In Event, Non-Fiction Book, Translation | By admin

The Actor’s Art and Craft” will soon be available in two Spanish language editions. Look for these editions to appear in 2017.
Alba Editorial will publish the book for the Spanish market. Alba has published the translated works of Nora Ephron, Peter Brook, and Willa Cather.
Meanwhile, Mexican publisher Paso de Gato will publish the book for the Mexican / Latin American market.
Paso de Gato specializes in books on performing and the theater arts. 
They have previously published Qu’est-ce que la dramaturgie? by Joseph Danan; L’Atelier d’écriture théatrale by Joseph Danan and Jean-Pierre Sarrazac; and Jeux de rêves et autres détours and Lexique du drame moderne et contemporain both by Jean-Pierre Sarrazac.
The Actor’s Art and Craft” is already available in Italian from Dino Audino Editore, which specializes in titles pertaining to the performing arts, cinema, theater, television, and other media. Among other writers, Dino Audino publishes the work of Christopher Vogler, Lajos Egri, Lee Strasberg, and Sanford Meisner.
You can also order the book in German from Actors Space Berlin, the premiere center for Meisner-based training in Germany. Click here to view Actors Space Berlin’s English language web page.


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Twitter: @yesiactandwrite
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Writing tips

By admin

On Copyright and Kewpie Dolls

On 27, Jun 2016 | In Essays, Event, Writing tips | By admin

In early May 2016, Damon participated in round table discussions hosted by the U.S. Copyright Office at the Thurgood Marshall Federal Courthouse in Manhattan.
The subject: whether or not the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is working, and if so, for whom.
Damon and fellow author Hilary Johnson were tapped by the Authors Guild to represent written content creators.
Also in attendance were musicians, photographers, and filmmakers.
Why the latter? Because digital piracy involves more than the theft of e-books; it also covers the theft of digitized music, images, and films.
The Authors Guild quoted Damon in their informative summary of the roundtables.
The full article Damon prepared for the Authors Guild Bulletin is printed below.
by Damon DiMarco
Friends, we’ve got trouble.
As you probably know, Internet piracy of books and other media has skyrocketed. Raise your hand if you’ve had your copyrighted materials inappropriately monetized? I sure have. In fact, a while back, I programmed Google Alerts to ping me each time a free link to one of my books was posted to the web. Which is why my email account now sounds like a boardwalk arcade game.
PING! Lookee here! A pirated copy of [Insert Title]. PONG! It’s a pirated copy of [Insert Another title]!
At present, Internet pirates post at least forty links to my stolen work per month. What can I do about it? That depends.

Internet piracy of e-books and other media has become a grand example of economic disparity. The current system only protects intellectual property when wielded by those who can afford protection. Please note that the Mafia runs by the same dynamic.


If the pirates posted a book I’ve done with, say, Penguin Random House, I’m in luck. Big Publishers can afford to contract Internet security firms. I log into their author portal, submit the offensive link(s), and voilà! The links get removed …usually. They’ll reappear in a couple of days, but hey. Life is a treadmill, right? At least for a few hours, I can rest easy knowing my royalty stream is protected. Sort of.
But what about books that I do with small to mid-size publishers? Since they can’t afford Internet sentinels, the burden falls on me to submit a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice. Which is sort of like saying, “Oh, you nasty pirates! Pretty please stop selling those books you stole from me!”
Internet piracy of e-books and other media has become a grand example of economic disparity. The current system only protects intellectual property when wielded by those who can afford protection. Please note that the Mafia runs by the same dynamic.
So imagine how excited I was when, recently, I was selected to represent authors at the Section 512 roundtable hearings held by the U.S. Copyright Office. I went to assure representatives of the federal government that, from an author’s perspective, Internet piracy is hurting our industry, destroying the incomes of middle-class authors, and eviscerating the time honored notion that copyright can protect intellectual property.
Now imagine my shock when I found myself seated with representatives from multi-billion dollar conglomerates, some of whom stated that e-book piracy isn’t a problem, and any attempts to stop piracy would infringe on their freedom of speech. I couldn’t make that up if I tried.
I had no idea that certain entities want Internet piracy to continue. Why? Suppose you’re a Internet service provider whose profits are tied to the scale of web traffic. A bigger, richer Internet means you have bigger, richer coffers. Would you care that authors’ books are getting stolen if your profits were soaring? No, you’d hire lobbyists to ensure the status quo.
For these reasons and so many more, the current DMCA policy places authors in an existential game of Whack a Mole. Take one copy of your work down, three more pop up. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Meanwhile, our industry’s ecosystem withers from the bottom up. If the powers that be were this lax in enforcing instances of car theft, stock market fraud, and homicide, we’d all be riding bicycles, impoverished, or dead.

Sadly, internet piracy isn’t nearly as fun as the classic boardwalk arcade game, and try as you might, play as well as you can, you’ll never win a Kewpie doll. 

Meanwhile, our industry’s ecosystem withers from the bottom up. If the powers that be were this lax in enforcing instances of car theft, stock market fraud, and homicide, we’d all be riding bicycles, impoverished, or dead.
Sadly, internet piracy isn’t nearly as fun as the classic boardwalk arcade game, and try as you might, play as well as you can, you’ll never win a Kewpie doll. Meanwhile, our industry’s ecosystem withers from the bottom up. If the powers that be were this lax in enforcing instances of car theft, stock market fraud, and homicide, we’d all be riding bicycles, impoverished, or dead.
Grim new from the trenches, I’m sorry to say. But that’s pretty much all that I took away from my meeting with the Powers That Be.
Now please excuse me. My e-mail just pinged. I have to go plead with more pirates.

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By admin

The Huffington Post Links Flint, MI Water Crisis to The Brown Agenda

On 03, Mar 2016 | No Comments | In Event | By admin

Ben Barber has been a journalist and photographer for 30 years for the London Observer, LA Times, USA Today, United Press International, the Washington Times, the Christian Science Monitor, and many other news outlets. He also served as senior writer for USAID. 

In an article published in today’s Huffington Post, Mr. Barber aptly compares the current water crisis in Flint, Michigan to instances of pollution worldwide as covered in “The Brown Agenda,” Damon’s book with noted environmentalist and entrepreneur, Richard Fuller. 

The Brown Agenda was published in August 2015 by Santa Monica Press.

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National Radio Tour for 9/11/15

On 10, Sep 2015 | In Event, Non-Fiction Book, Uncategorized | By admin

On 9/11/15, Damon will be a guest on the following radio stations as part of Premiere Network’s national radio tour remembering 9/11.

This year, Damon has invited Amy Weinstein, Director of Collections at the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum in downtown Manhattan to join him on the show.

All times are EST.

An (L) means the interview will be Live.

A (T) means the interview will be taped and played throughout the morning.

The tour will pause for a moment of silence at 8:43 a.m.


7:00       KNEN    Norfolk     Mookie & CC  (T)

7:08       KRLD     Dallas     Mitch Carr  (T)

7:16       WZON     Bangor, ME     Cookson & Allen  (L)

7:24       WKIP     Poughkeepsie     Amy & Damon  (L)

Read more…



In Event

By admin Excerpts The Brown Agenda

On 09, Aug 2015 | In Event | By admin

You don’t have to wait to read the introduction to “The Brown Agenda,” Damon’s new book with environmentalist and entrepreneur Richard Fuller. ran it as a headlining excerpt on Sunday August 9, 2015 (two days before the book’s official debut).

Pollution is the single largest cause of death in the developing world. One in seven people in low- and middle-income countries die as a result of it. Simply put, pollution is now the world’s most prevalent health risk. And yet, while most everyone has heard about “going green,” few are aware of the more dire and sinister “brown” pollution—places where man-made toxic pollutants have taken root and spread. Brown sites poison millions of people every year, causing needless suffering and death.

Read more…

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Non-Fiction Book

By admin

The Brown Agenda Debuts!

On 03, Aug 2015 | In Event, Non-Fiction Book | By admin

For anyone interested in helping to preserve the environment or the lives of millions of children and the world’s “poisoned poor” (whichever is more important to you). Damon’s new book The Brown Agenda covers all this and more. Coauthored with Richard Fuller, founder of Pure Earth/Blacksmith Institute.

Available now on Amazon, due in bookstores everywhere next week. Foreword by Bryan Walsh, Foreign Editor for Time Magazine. With great reviews from David Biello (Scientific American), actor Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire), and Rachel Kyte (World Bank).

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Two Covers, One Month

On 30, Jan 2015 | No Comments | In Event, Non-Fiction Book | By admin

Covers for two of Damon’s books were released in January. The first was the cover for
 “The Brown Agenda,” Damon’s collaboration with Richard Fuller, Founder and President of Blacksmith Institute/Pure Earth, the NGO that’s doing such incredible work fighting jaw-dropping instances of pollution all over the world. The book features a foreword by Bryan Walsh, senior environment editor for TIME Magazine, and the cover looks like this:


The second cover is for the German edition ofThe Actor’s Art & Craft,” Damon’s first collaboration with Bill Esper. The book features the original foreword by David Mamet, plus a specific foreword for German readers. That cover looks like this:


Evidently, vast differences exist between the German and American-Meisner-based concepts of acting. For instance, as the foreword to the German edition points out, Germans often use a word that translates as “pretend-playing” where, in English, we use the word acting.

This is “a huge difference,” writes the German translator, André Bolouri. “The German word Read more…

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