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By admin

Talking with TJ Stone on “3 People Like This – The Interviews”

On 20, Nov 2017 | In Event, Interview | By admin

Can radio shows could breed?
If they could, what would the love child of The Howard Stern Show and NPR’s “All Things Considered” sound like?
The answer: me talking with host TJ Stone and friends on “3 People Like This – The Interviews,” a top rated podcast on iTunes.

 Customer Reviews of “3 People Like This – The Interviews

“TJ’s style”
by Podcast Addict22
Tj is a natural. good interviewer. I’m interested to see where he takes the show.

by TheoSands

T.J. is a gifted and talented guy, this show will easily be one of the best podcasts in time to come. Truly looking forward to hearing more.


by Broadway Bouncer

TJ STONE is actually a funny and gifted interviewer. His silliness and natural curiosity comes through in his interview, and his guests seem to leave quite happy.



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