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By admin Excerpts The Brown Agenda

On 09, Aug 2015 | In Event | By admin

You don’t have to wait to read the introduction to “The Brown Agenda,” Damon’s new book with environmentalist and entrepreneur Richard Fuller. ran it as a headlining excerpt on Sunday August 9, 2015 (two days before the book’s official debut).

Pollution is the single largest cause of death in the developing world. One in seven people in low- and middle-income countries die as a result of it. Simply put, pollution is now the world’s most prevalent health risk. And yet, while most everyone has heard about “going green,” few are aware of the more dire and sinister “brown” pollution—places where man-made toxic pollutants have taken root and spread. Brown sites poison millions of people every year, causing needless suffering and death.

After witnessing several brown sites firsthand and meeting families trapped by poverty in these toxic hot spots, environmentalist Richard Fuller founded the Blacksmith Institute, now renamed Pure Earth, a global nonprofit that initiates large-scale cleanups of some of the most polluted places on earth.  The Brown Agenda” details Fuller’s inspirational journey—from his dangerous yet ultimately successful fight to save hundreds of thousands of acres in the Amazon rain forest, to establishing Great Forest Inc., one of the leading sustainability consultancies in the United States, to his creation of Pure Earth.

Advance praise for “The Brown Agenda” includes:

“There are few more important stories than how we humans foul the planet and ourselves, often heedlessly. And there are few better placed to tell that tale than Richard Fuller, who has been working for years to show how we can—and, more importantly, should—clean up the earth. The Brown Agenda is the story of an important humanitarian cause revealed in clear and concise prose that is at once deeply necessary and deeply satisfying.” — David Biello, Editor, Environment & Energy, Scientific American

“Rich Fuller’s passion and commitment towards educating people on the under-reported issue of environmental pollution, as well as finding innovative solutions to solve the problems, has helped save the lives of thousands of adults and children around the world. He is a truly inspiring human being and I am honoured to know him.”—Dev Patel, Award-winning actor for his performance in Slumdog Millionaire

“Richard Fuller has brought evangelical zeal to highlighting the deleterious impacts of environmental pollution and contamination on public health across the world. He has not been satisfied with merely identifying problems but has aggressively sought solutions as well, both through national and international actions. This book is an eloquent testimony to his obsessions for making the world a healthier, safer, and cleaner place, especially for its children. The world needs more Richard Fullers.”—Jairam Ramesh, Minister for Environment, India, 2009–2011

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