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Member of U.S. – China Economic Security Review Commission Endorses “My Two Chinas”

On 12, Dec 2010 | In Non-Fiction Book | By admin

The U.S. – China Economic Security Review Commission was created in 2000 to monitor, investigate, and submit to the U.S. Congress an annual report on the national security implications of the bilateral trade and economic relationship between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. Where appropriate, the Commission also advises Congress on courses for legislative and administrative action.

Public Law 109-108 directs the Commission to focus its work and study on the following eight areas:

  •  proliferation practices
  • economic transfers
  • energy
  • U.S. capital markets
  • regional economic and security impacts
  • U.S. – China bilateral programs, WTO compliance, and
  • the implications of restrictions on speech and access to information in the People’s Republic of China.

The Commission is composed of 12 members, three of whom are selected by each of the Majority and Minority Leaders of the Senate, and the Speaker and the Minority Leader of the House. The Commissioners serve two-year terms.

Commissioner Jerry L. Fiedler was recently reappointed by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for his third term. Of “My Two Chinas,” Commissioner Fiedler writes:

“In the face of oppression most people cower, a few cannot.  Baiqiao Tang acted in 1989 and still strives to change China today.  His struggle teaches us much about the transformation of ordinary people into extraordinary human beings.  This is the amazing story of one man’s journey of constant confrontation and his unbreakable spirit.  To read it helps you understand the many nameless and faceless men and women standing up every day to China’s persistent repression.”

 – Jeffrey Fiedler, U.S. China Economic Security and Review Commission

*     *     *  

My Two Chinas: The Memoir of a Chinese Counterrevolutionary” recounts my co-author Tang Baiqiao’s experiences as a student leader during the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989; how he was subsequently hunted by the Chinese government and jailed for his pro-democracy activities; the physical and mental tortures he endured while in prison; his release, and eventual flight to the U.S.  

Despite living in exile these past 21 years, Tang Baiqiao has never relented in his campaign to bring human rights and freedom to his homeland, and throughout the world.  

“My Two Chinas” features a foreword by His Holiness, Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama.   

Prof. Robert Thurman, noted expert on China and Tibet, will contribute an introduction.   

Jeff Widener, the world-renowned photojournalist and Pulitzer-finalist who took the iconic “Tank Man” photo has contributed a preface.  

*     *     *  

Prometheus Books will release “My Two Chinas” in hardcover (and e-book) in March, 2011.  

It’s already posted on services like for advanced orders.  

You can download the publisher’s press release as a PDF by clicking here.  

For a copy of the press release in Chinese, click here.  

For a copy of the press release in French, click here.  

For a copy of the press release in Dutch, click here.

To see a list of Advance Endorsements, click here.


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