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By admin

Odyssey Networks debuts “Tower Stories” video on their Call on Faith smart phone app

On 22, Aug 2011 | In Non-Fiction Book | By admin

Odyssey Networks is the nation’s largest multi-faith coalition dedicated to promoting tolerance, peace and social justice through the production and distribution of media. Odyssey’s membership includes over 60 faith groups and organizations. A list of member faith groups and organizations is available on their website’s member section.

Damon was interviewed as part of the Network’s new mobile smartphone app, “Call on Faith” for iPhone, Blacberry, and Android. “Call on Faith” features over 120 videos representing faiths from around the world and across all cultures. Look for Damon talking about his book “Tower Stories: An Oral History of 9/11″ in the Call on Faith “ON Page” section next month. Other features authors include Lauren Hillenbrand, Ashley Judd, and Conor Grennan.

You can follow Odyssey Networks at:

Here’s the video:

Order your copy of “Tower Stories: An Oral History of 9/11” here:

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