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National Radio Tour Scheduled for 9/11/13

On 09, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In Event, Non-Fiction Book | By admin

Damon will take part in a national radio tour on the morning of 9/11 via Premiere Radio Networks. He will be joined by Florence Engoran, a survivor of the World Trade Center, whose story appears in Tower Stories: An Oral History of 9/11.

Florence was 5 months pregnant and working on the 55th Floor of Tower 2 at the time of the attacks. Through the help of colleagues and complete strangers, in the midst of the chaos that ensued, she was able to walk to the base of the towers and flee to safety.

Florence’s daughter, Emily Rose, was born a few months later. Emily recently turned 11 years old. She participates in volunteer work, donating her time and energy to various causes.


The radio tour is scheduled for the following live broadcasts on the morning of 9/11/13:

6:30      WPAW     Chuck Marsh & Leanne Petty — Greensboro, NC

6:50      WYTZ     Bill Lewis — Benton Harbor, MI

7:00      WSUN     Jayde and Seth — Tampa, FL

7:10      KDWB     Dave Ryan — Minneapolis, MN

7:20      Synd.    Michael Patrick Shiels — Michigan Talk Network

7:30      KDKA     Larry Richert & J. Shumway — Pittsburgh, PA

7:40      WUSN     Ray & Lisa — Chicago, IL

7:50      WBMW     Teresa Berry & Shawn Murphy — New London, CT

8:40      KKWF     Fitz — Seattle, WA

8:50      KXRK     Richie T — Salt Lake City, UT

9:00      KQRS     Tom Barnard — Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

9:10      WMJI     John Lanigan & Jimmy Malone — Cleveland, OH


Taped broadcasts will play at unspecified times on the following programs:

WBYZ     Bill McKubby — Savannah, GA

KNEN     Mookie & Jessie — Norfolk, NE

Synd.    Big D & Bubba — Nationwide

WWYZ     Broadway — Hartford, CT

KSON     John & Tammy — San Diego, CA

WTRC     Mark McGill — South Bend, IN

WCQM     Joel Karnick — Duluth, MN

WRTA     Doug Herendeen — Altoona-Johnstown, PA

KIQO     Adam Montiel — San Luis Obispo, CA

KTRS     John Carney — St. Louis, MO


Click here to order your copy of Tower Stories: An Oral History of 9/11.

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