Tower Stories: An Oral History of 9/11
Damon DiMarco's Tower Stories: An Oral History of 9/11 eternally preserves a monumental tragedy in American history through the voices of the people who were in New York City on that fateful day. DiMarco's literary time capsule includes a wide variety of viewpoints, including the small group of people who miraculously made it safely down from the 89th floor of Tower 1, the New York Times reporter who desperately fought her way through the fleeing crowds to get back into Lower Manhattan, the paramedic who set up a triage area 200 yards from the base of the Towers before they collapsed, and the bereaved citizens of New York City who struggled to get on with their lives in the days and months following the tragic event. 
For the 20th Anniversary Commemorative Edition, DiMarco has conducted additional interviews that offer a contemporary perspective on the 9/11 tragedy including: Alice Greenwald, President and CEO of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum; Father Jim Martin, Jesuit Priest, Culture Editor of America Magazine, and Ground Zero volunteer, and Tom Haddad, survivor of the 89th floor, Tower 1.
“I hope this book remains in print for a very long time to come, because everyone should read it. Our children should read it. With regard to 9/11, we-as a people-cannot allow a myth to take root. We must ground ourselves in our pain if we have any hope of moving forward. And move forward we must.” — Thomas Kean, Chairman, 9/11 Commission
“. . .heart-breaking reminiscences by New Yorkers who survived the attack and then endured a decade of denial, doubt, and rebuilding.” — Sam Roberts, the New York Times
“This book defends the understanding, as also the horror, of that day. We are indebted to Mr. DiMarco for the effort and for the editorial acuity.” — William F. Buckley, Jr.
Heart of War: Soldiers' Voices From the Front Lines in Iraq
For Heart of War, DiMarco has painstakingly assembled interviews with Iraq War veterans from each branch of the military—many of whom were assigned to some of the most elite fighting units in the US Armed Forces including the 386th Expeditionary Forces, the Armored Cavalry, Delta Force, Charley Company Tank Battalion, the celebrated 101st Airborne, and the Military Intelligence Brigade—to make this the only book on the war in Iraq to truly speak with a soldier's voice.
“Those interviewed include [people] whose essential work, which often involved dealing directly with Iraqi culture, is seldom publicized, and they exemplify a panoply of those returning from Iraq—career military, disgruntled and life-disrupted recalled reservists, victims of broken marriages and of contamination by depleted uranium particles, and male and female enlistees who have finally filled their military contracts and are home, they hope, to stay. DiMarco's respect for his interviewees and sidebars on weapons and tactics (some rather chilling and even appalling) further distinguish this addition to Iraq war literature" — Roland Green, American Library Association

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