Damon DiMarco earned his MFA at the Rutgers Mason Gross Professional Actors' Training Program. A member of AEA and SAG/AFTRA, he has appeared in daytime and primetime television, regional theater, and independent films. He co-authored "The Actors Art and Craft" and "The Actor's Guide to Creating a Character," with William Esper. He is an inaugural member of New River Dramatists where he wrote his first play, "Tegwar." Other plays include "Shock and Awe," which debuted as part of the 2009 Y.E.S. Festival at the University of Northern Kentucky, and "My Mariners" with Jeffrey Harper, under commission from the Sundog Theatre, Staten Island. In 2012, Damon founded the Writing for Public Intellectuals Workshop for the History and Culture doctoral program at Drew University's Caspersen School of Graduate Studies.
Damon’s plays are available for browsing on New Play Exchange.

Tower Stories: A Play About 9/11
Based on the playwright's book, Tower Stories: An Oral History of 9/11. Using actual interviews conducted by the playwright within a year and a half of 9/11, TOWER STORIES explores the immediate impact of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, as well as how, almost two decades later, the event's legacy has affected current American and world cultures.
Cast: 8
Genres: adaptation, docudrama/historic, terrorism, Islam, U.S. history, One World Trade Center, World Trade Center, drama, world politics, 9/11, September 11, 2001, Twin Towers, terrorism, fundamentalist Islam, US history, One World Trade Center, World Trade Center
The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter
Adapted from the novella by Ambrose Bierce
The year is 1680 AD. A young and devout but untested Franciscan monk begins a new assignment at a monastery in the Bavarian Alps. After meeting the beautiful daughter of the local hangman, his worldview is thrown into question. What is evil? What is God? What does God want from us? How can we serve God best? 
Cast: 7–12
Genres: adaptation, dark comedy, drama, fable/folktale, faith-based, horror, mystery/thriller, pageant, period, tragedy religion, Allah/God, finding God, hypocrisy, fundamentalism, divine feminine, religious intolerance
Notes: This play is written with an intermission, which productions may omit if they choose. The play employs period music, some of which is instrumental, some of which may be sung. These needs can be met with recordings though, preferably, with live musicians and singers, either within the ensemble or separate.      
The Martinis' Christmas Wonderland
Ten years ago, a young Italian-American novelist, Giovi Martini, disappeared from his home in Trenton, New Jersey. His younger brother tracks him down with a message: their father is mortally ill. Against his better judgement, Giovi returns to his dysfunctional family. It's Christmas time. The Martinis are celebrating in typically grandiose style. Giovi isn't feeling festive. There's a dark family secret buried under the holiday bonhomie—a secret that drove Giovi to leave in the first place. The more he tries teasing it out, the more the ball of the family’s lies begins to unravel... until all that's left is the truth.
Cast: 5 
Genre: dark comedy, drama, holiday, musical, Christmas, alcoholism, generational conflict, urban renewal, gun control, police brutality, racism, Italian American, full length, New Jersey
Notes: This play is written with an intermission. It makes ample use of holiday music in the public domain.
Shock & Awe: A Play in Two Acts
Adapted from interviews with U.S. veterans of the War in Iraq, SHOCK & AWE weaves individual lives to form a violent, surreal, and darkly comic tapestry. One man endures the long-distance fracturing of his family while another mounts an intense pursuit of Saddam Hussein's limousine. An Iraqi mother searches for 'someone in charge' while a soldier tries to convince the Army that he bears a mysterious wound. Taken individually, these stories are too strange to be anything but true. Taken together, they form an ensemble piece that's gripping, funny, abominable, and insane—in other words, it's war. SHOCK & AWE presents one of the most controversial conflicts in American history as only the people who've been there have known it. Based on the playwright's book Heart of War: Soldiers' Voices from the Front Lines of Iraq.
Cast: 9
Genre: adaptation, adventure, War in Iraq, dark comedy, docudrama/historic, drama, political
American politics, American/Middle East politics, U.S. history, U.S. military

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