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Fat Kid Got Fit: And So Can You!

On 04, Feb 2013 | In | By admin

Fat Kid Got Fit: And So Can You!

“Baroni is neither a trainer, nor a doctor, nor a dietitian, nor a salesman. He’s an ordinary civil servant who lost 120 pounds by following the Duke University Diet & Fitness Center plan. Ten weeks there gave him the knowledge he needed to recognize what the fast-food lifestyle was doing to him. He traces his own path and, with humor and style, passes the information he learned along to readers. This can work for anyone.”

– Library Journal STARRED REVIEW

Fat Kid Got Fit is a must for those who suffer because of their weight and want to change. Bill Baroni learned that the best reason to get fit and stay healthy is to enjoy life even more. He created a physical, emotional, and spiritual metamorphosis for himself. This book gives a clear and readable description of the steps he took…and so can you!”

– Dr. Michael Hamilton, former Director of the Duke University Diet & Fitness Center