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My Mariners: A Full-length Play with Music

On 04, Feb 2013 | In | By admin

My Mariners: A Full-length Play with Music

My Mariners: a Full-Length Play with Music, with Jeffrey Harper

Commissioned by the Sundog Theatre of Staten Island

A disgraced captain, a tyrannical Governor, mutinous sailors, the sounds of 19th-Century sea chanteys, and a gruesome murder all come together in MY MARINERS, a play with traditional American music by oral historian and prize-winning authors Damon DiMarco and Jeffrey Harper.

MY MARINERS, inspired by real places and events, is set in 1883 at Sailors Snug Harbor, Staten Island. The play tells the story of Captain Charles Reinbeck, a disgraced sea captain, who comes from Manhattan to the Sailors Snug Harbor in response to a mysterious and ominous letter. When he arrives, he learns of a sailor’s brutal, vicious murder “gutted like a fish” on the grounds of Snug Harbor.

Captain Reinbeck enters a maze of mystery and contradictory tales from the Harbor’s authoritarian Governor Thomas Brack and his assistant Enoch Fancher to a group of angry disgruntled sailors, led by seaman Will Garland. Each step of Reinbeck’s investigation leads him deeper into Sailors Snug Harbor’s cruel secrets and hidden brutality, with more confounding discoveries, until Reinbeck, confronted with his own shameful past, must choose between the safety of resignation and the danger of redemption.

MY MARINERS weaves live singing of public domain, traditional American sea chanteys throughout the play, as well as musical performance before opening curtain and during intermission. A compelling murder mystery narrative in a historically rich world of American traditional song, MY MARINERS provides a total theater experience for family audiences. Recommended for ages 12 and up.


Pictures from the Sundog Theatre Premiere:Mariners1New Download 032