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In Non-Fiction Book

By admin

“Heart of War” wins excellent review from Europe’s cultural news site.

On 20, Mar 2010 | In Non-Fiction Book | By admin

Artist Emily Prince  has a show going on at London’s Saatchi Gallery called

 American Servicemen and Women Who Have Died in Iraq and Afghanistan (But Not Including the Wounded, Nor the Iraqis nor the Afghanis)

The idea for the show is as simple as it is powerful: to sketch the faces of American casualties of war in the Middle East. 

CultureKiosque (well-deserved winner of several media awards) wrote a review of the show, which you can find here.

In conjunction with Ms. Prince’s work, CultureKiosque also reviewed my book, “Heart of War: Soldiers’ Voices from the Front Lines of Iraq.”  They said:

“Damon DiMarco has assembled an unflinching compilation — first person narratives of returning military personnel — that personalizes America’s involvement in Iraq in a manner all-too-rarely covered by mainstream media. Ignorance, political duplicity, corporate greed and corruption, incompetence, right-wing cynicism, marital infidelity, sexual abuse and the dishearteningly widespread indifference to the existential and medical needs of war veterans are among the issues documented here. Whether voiced by naïve farm kids, street smart city dwellers or the sons and daughters of America’s elite, the accounts of horrors, brutality and pathos are relentless and devastating.

Order Heart of War by clicking the book cover below.

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