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By admin

Try “Mass Casualties”

On 28, Feb 2010 | In Non-Fiction Book | By admin

This probably should have been discussed a while back. Better late than never, I guess.

Last June, I was walking around the Book Expo of America in the Jacob Javits Center here in New York. I passed by a table filled with galleys for a book called Mass Casualties: A Young Medic’s True Story of Death, Deception, and Dishonor in Iraq. The author was someone named Michael Anthony.

I was intrigued. I took a copy. One of the great things about BEA: free books!

Here’s the spooky part: I got home that day and found an e-mail waiting for me from a guy named – you guessed it – Michael Anthony.

Michael was an Army medic in Iraq. Mass Casualties is his memoir about the experience. He was asking if I’d be willing to read his book and offer a quote. He said he could have the publishers send a copy right away.

I looked down at his book, which was on my desk, and typed out my response. “As luck would have it? Sending a copy won’t be necessary…” 

Weird that I’d picked up the galley that very afternoon.

Long story short, here’s the quote I eventually offered:

“Compelling. Frank. Funny. Disturbing. Michael Anthony loses his innocence in a slow motion train wreck you can’t help but watch. Mass Casualties opens up a brand new conversation on the War in Iraq.”

—Damon DiMarco,
Author of Heart of War: Soldiers’ Voices from the Front Lines of Iraq

Mass Casualties came out in October or November of 2009. So . . . why would I mention it now? Two very good reasons:

First, my lovely new website allows me to post news of this sort. So I’m posting it. So there.

Second (and much more importantly), Mass Casualties is a good read. Michael’s done a fine job. His book creates a generous and highly-specific thread in the tapestry depicting the lives of modern U.S. soldiers.

If you’re interested in that sort of thing, pick up a copy of Mass Casualties. I bet you won’t be sorry. You can order a copy by clicking on the book’s cover above, or by clicking here. 

And it goes without saying that you should also pick up copy of Heart of War: Soldiers’ Voices from the Front Lines of Iraq. Click the book’s cover below. An e-book edition is now available.

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